MSMEs are confronted with numerous challenges. Unfortunately, their ability to access assistance is also hampered by deficiencies within the businesses themselves.

The Business Advisory Services (MSME-BAS) unit aims to provide MSMEs with the support necessary to establish their businesses, access support in terms of capacity building and finance and to grow sustainably.

In a nutshell, BAS exists to provide services to MSMEs that they lack and/or cannot afford internally such as registration, finance, human resource, marketing, ICT, turnaround and even business planning advice and strategy.

Namibian MSMEs are challenged by limited access to international and even domestic markets. The Capacity Building and Market Access (MSME-CBMA) unit will facilitate penetration of markets both local and international by conducting knowledge sharing workshops (Know-toGrow) and coordinating training related to market access for MSMEs.

Furthermore, special projects like the establishment of the Namibian Retail Store, uniform and public sector procurement initiative and stimulating traction on the retail sector charter are spearheaded by this unit. To this end collaboration with various stakeholders especially the Manufacturing Association of Namibia are critical.

Targeted support for MSMEs depends on information. The ability of MSMEs to unlock their potential after benefitting from support is a function of a conducive business environment.

Therefore, the Ecosystem Optimization Unit exists to facilitate the collection, analysis and presentation of data in addition to addressing policy and funding limitations to enable MSMEs to develop to their full potential.