Venue: The Dome, Swakopmund | Dates:  2-4 November


The primary objective  of the K2G NextGen Entrepreneurs Showcase, which also differentiates it from similar platforms, is to promote communication and connections between MSMEs and business support organisations, including public and private organisations and development partners.

These organisations provide resources and services to help MSMEs to start, grow, and succeed. These resources include business training and education, access to funding and financing, networking and mentoring opportunities, and assistance with marketing and business planning.

The value that these organisations can provide to MSMEs include helping them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to run their businesses effectively, access funding and other resources to support growth, and connect with other business owners and experts who can provide guidance and support. Additionally, business support organizations can also play a key role in promoting entrepreneurship and small business development in their communities, which can have a positive impact on local economies.


The Knowledge Hub:

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) orchestrated a dynamic and insightful 4-day Knowledge Hub program, a highlight of the event. The session commenced with an introduction by Ms. Chaze Nalisa and featured enlightening contributions from former exhibitor Ms. Loide Nantinda, Mr. Dino Ballotti on MSME Development, and Ms. Enid Johr sharing perspectives from Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Namibia.

Central to the event was the pivotal Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Namibia Knowledge Hub, where 7 industry experts facilitated engaging knowledge-sharing sessions among MSMEs. Notably, the 3rd of November was dedicated to youth entrepreneurship and financial inclusion, culminating in a Retail Lounge for personalised interactions. On the 4th of November, the Knowledge Hub spotlighted Smart Finance led by Mr. Tuyamba Akwaake, emphasising intelligent financial strategies. The Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Namibia

Knowledge Hub played a crucial role in fostering collaboration, equipping entrepreneurs with valuable tools for success. This impact was further underscored by the pre-event networking session hosted by NIPDB, solidifying the Knowledge Hub’s significance in empowering and connecting MSMEs in Namibia.

BSO’s that Participated in the Knowledge Hub:

  • FNB Namibia
  • Base Camp
  • Swakopmund Municipality
  • Development Bank of Namibia
  • Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Namibia
  • National Youth Council 


The event organised by NIPDB attracted MSMEs from nearly 14 different regions, with a notable representation of diversity. Among the 46 participating enterprises, approximately 27 were owned by women, highlighting a significant presence of female entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the event showcased inclusivity by featuring two MSMEs owned by individuals with disabilities, further emphasising the diverse and inclusive nature of the exhibition. The categorization of exhibitors into specific sectors and the interactive format of the exhibition facilitated meaningful discussions, contributing to the success of the event in creating valuable linkages and opportunities for all participants within the MSME ecosystem.

Chelete Cage:

Chelete Cage is a pitching platform that supports innovative startups and MSMEs to secure financial or non-financial support for their growth milestones. As an exclusively invited stakeholder, you have the opportunity to attend this closed-door event, where eligible MSMEs will pitch their innovative businesses. The table below shows the pledges by each BSO:


BSO Name Type of Pledges
Basecamp Namibia Support for two businesses, offering them an eight-week incubation program valued at N$ 24,000.
First National Bank Three businesses with financial services, encompassing the identification of debt products tailored to their specific needs and providing access to pitch at NABAN without undergoing an additional vetting process.
NANCI NANCi has extended an offer of a 50% discount on membership to one cosmetic company, valued at N$ 1,500, along with market access, particularly in the retail sector.
Bank Windhoek Bank Windhoek has stepped in by providing an investor readiness program through Business Box for two companies, valued at N$ 14,000.


Collectively, these commitments amount to almost N$ 30,000. Notably, the success of the event is underscored by the voluntary nature of these commitments. Chelete Cage is designed to present potential opportunities for businesses within the room, although these opportunities are not guaranteed.

Brand Ambassador:

Access to market through social capital is a key component of the objective of K2G NextGen Entrepreneurs Showcase. The NIPDB appointed a brand ambassador to aid in raising awareness of the impact that social capital has on the success of businesses in today’s digitally driven ecosystem. Monica Pinias commoly known as Top Cheri, an entrepreneur within the creative industry, was the 2023 event brand ambassador. Using her social capital of over 275K followers, she interviewed the MSMEs pre-event and after event on an live instagram session. Through her social media pages, the exhibitors were showcased to a wider audience.


The event encompassed the MSME Awards, during which three outstanding MSMEs were honoured with both financial and non-financial recognitions. Each of the winners received a generous sponsorship from Coca-Cola Beverage, providing them with a monetary award of N$20,000. Furthermore, Radio Energy contributed to the accolades by sponsoring N$10,000 worth of airtime for each MSME, enabling them to effectively promote their products in the market.