K2G – High Potential Pool


About K2G High Potential Pool

The Know2Grow (K2G) High Potential Pool is an initiative under the Know2Grow flagship brand. K2G High Potential Pool is established to support scalable micro and small businesses. Members of the K2G High Potential Pool may benefit from the following fully funded opportunities and support;

  • International business linkages
  • Trade missions
  • International trade fairs
  • Coaching and mentoring where required
  • Product testing, product certification and licensing
  • Business model and process improvement where require

NIPDB will continuously seek domestics and international market access opportunities and partnerships from which the members of the pool may benefit.

Membership is for a period of 36 months, from the date of approval. The overall objective is for the opportunity to pave the way for the businesses to scale from micro and small to medium and beyond, therefore becoming self-sustaining.

Qualifying criteria

The capacity of the K2G High Potential Pool is unlimited, however, participation in various opportunities that the pool offers depend on the criteria and framework of such opportunities. In order to be added to the pool, the businesses must meet the following foundational requirements;

  • Must be registered on the in4MSME Mobile App (If not already done)
  • Must be registered with all the relevant regulators, e.g., BIPA, NAMRA, SSC, etc.
  • Must have a feasible business model with fully fledged prototypes of products intended for export, scalable service offerings
  • Must be majority Namibian owned (at least 51%)
  • Must be banking with one of the programme partners
  • Must be operating for at least 6 months
  • Must be either micro or small business
    • Micro; maximum N$300,000 annual turnover
    • Small; maximum N$3,000,000 annual turnover
  • Turnover may be either the current reality or potential thereof


Those who meet the basic requirements will advance to the next stage. The stages are clearly outlined in the assessment at the link provided below. Please complete the online assessment, to be considered for participation in the pool.

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