The K2G NextGen Entrepreneurs Showcase 2022 brings together highly reputable  industry experts in enterprise development who will speak in the Knowledge Hub. The speakers will address a wide range of critical topics through interactive panel discussions, presentations and curated talks. Their contributions will impact the scaling of the participating MSMEs and other interested stakeholders through the facilitation of sustainable Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) engagements.

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Meet the industry experts

Nangula Uaandja

Chief Executive Officer


Dino Ballotti

Executive Director: MSME Development, Innovation and Acceleration


Anna Kamkuemah

Legal, Risk & Compliance Officer

Barloworld Namibia

Herman Nel

Sales Administration Manager

Barloworld Namibia

Prudence Gololo

Managing Director: Barloworld Siyakhula

Barloworld Namibia

Stacey Pinto

Chief Executive Officer

Namibia Trade Forum (NTF)

(Acting CEO GS1)

Kylikkie Hamutumwa

Global Trade Programme Advisor

British High Commission
(Trade Forward Southern Africa)

Roberth Simon

Manager: Trade & Investment Policy


Gerwil Uirab

Project Officer

Walvis Bay Corridor Group

Raymond Spall


Made in Namibia Collection

Christine Hugo


Once Upon Mind

Grace Legodi


World Bank

Etuukata Tangi Nashima

Manager: Certification

Namibian Standards Instituition (NSI)

Susan- Marie Lewis

Project Manager

European Union Commission

Pohamba Nahole

Marimba Teacher and Board Member

Arts Performance Center

Muinee Kasuvire

Cello Teacher

Arts Performance Center

Patricia Hangula

Head Buyer

Shoprite Group Namibia

Luis Munana

Founder (Creative)

K2G NextGen Entrepreneurs 2022 Ambassador

Alexanderie Basson

Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager


Debbie Rowles

Business & Brand Impact Strategist

Think Human Being

Anna Kankondi

Group Manager Stakeholder

Ohlthaver & List

Markus Gstettner

Manager: Innovation

Ohlthaver & List

Victoria Moller

Group Assistant Manager: Corporate Relations

Ohlthaver & List

Carina Roux

Property Manager

Eris Property Group